Cartier Love Bracelet Regular/Classic & Small

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Cartier Love Bracelet Regular/Classic & Small
Cartier Love Bracelet Regular/Classic & Small

HoooGoods is a professional and reliable 7 star replica Cartier Love Bracelet supplier from china, We sell only Real 1:1 top quality products with the reasonable price. Comes with Serial Number, Great Cartier Markings and Engravings. wholesale buy from us for a better deal, Get the best deal every time! Worldwide Shipping! we are from canton, P.R.China, and build our business over 15 years.

How wide is Cartier love bracelet?
2, CARTIER LOVE BRACELET. Classic. Width: 6.1mm

The price is Starting at: $103USD/pcs for the Cartier love bracelet, Real 1:1 Best Deluxe Version! Fast Shipping Worldwide!

It is currently available size in 16, 17, 18, 19. 20cm and comes in various colors like yellow gold, white gold and pink gold. We hope can establish a long-term business relationship with you and with our most honest, we are sure that you feel 100% comfortable with your purchase.

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