Hermes Kelly Messenger

HERMES KELLY MESSENGER PM IN Black, Gold, Etoupe & Blue Saphir

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The new Hermès Kelly Messenger bag. Bag lovers and Hermès enthusiasts alike will love this timeless piece. The belt-like shoulder strap can fit comfortably on the shoulder, or crossbody – making it a great choice for on-the-go city life.

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HERMES KELLY MESSENGER PM IN Black, Gold, Etoupe,  Blue Saphir, craie
Real 1:1 Hand-stitched Hermes Kelly Messenger

As one of Hermès’ latest offerings for the modern man (or woman), the Kelly Messenger caters to the practical needs of everyday life without compromising on luxury, we’re confident this casual Kelly offering is destined to become a favorite among fashion enthusiasts and Hermès collectors.


Currently, the Kelly Messenger bag is available in two sizes – 27cm, and considerably a larger variation. Despite its slouchy and relaxed aesthetic, the 27cm Kelly Messenger sits neatly crossbody and can be worn on the front or back of the body. Meanwhile, the larger size is considerably more generous – offering plenty of room to accommodate daily essentials and more.

Hermes Kelly Messenger for men
Hermes Kelly Messenger for men

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